Dareesoft's RiaaS performance inspected by Seoul City Mayor Mr. Oh Se-hoon

About Dareesoft March 14, 2024

Dareesoft's RiaaS performance inspected by Seoul City Mayor Mr. Oh Se-hoon

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On this pleasant afternoon of March 14, 2024, as the weather gradually warms, the media is buzzing with news of Seoul Mayor, Mr. Oh Se Hoon, conducting an inspection of the Automatic AI Pothole Detection technology implemented by the Seoul government. Dareesoft takes pride in its role as the service provider of AI-based automatic pothole detection services to the Seoul Metropolitan City since July of last year. The flagship Dareesoft's offering is RiaaS (Road Hazard Information as a Service), a flagship solution based service for automatic pothole detection utilizing AI-based camera technology. However, RiaaS extends beyond mere AI vision technology; it integrates IoT, connectivity, and big data, culminating in a comprehensive end to end service. RiaaS facilitates the real-time transmission of detected hazard information to stakeholders through data connections and cloud services. This groundbreaking technology has transformed road hazard maintenance in South Korea and particularly in Seoul which is one of the most advance smart cities in the world known for its pioneering advancements in smart infrastructure.


ARA (AI Road Analyzer Device) ARA (AI Road Analyzer Device)

Let's have a deeper look at how RiaaS works

RiaaS largely has the following 3 components:

1. An AI vision based, plug and play, edge device called ARA or AI Road Analyzer, equipped with state of the art dual camera, RTK GPS presicion, data connection and storage facilities.

2. A cloud service which does a second round of data cleansing and final data processing along with blurring of private information like people's face, number plates of the vehicles, deduplication of the data etc.

3. Monitoring Dashboard which presents the data in realtime to the stake holders with the image and exact location of the hazards.

With the recent approval of Seoul city's Mayor Mr. Oh Se Hoon, Dareesoft is confident that our innovative solutions will continue to enhance the efficiency and safety of Seoul's road infrastructure, contributing to the city's reputation as a global leader in smart urban development.

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