Are you a City Manager tired of finding Potholes? Try RiaaS, the AI powered technology which is disrupting the market?

Global outreach February 20, 2024

Are you a City Manager tired of finding Potholes? Try RiaaS, the AI powered technology which is disrupting the market?

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The pesky potholes are killers, if they don’t kill, they cause significant damage like flat tires or minor to severe accidents. Locating all those potholes without fail is a daunting task which takes a lot of time and cost. Almost all the cities, city managers, mayors and government bodies at different levels are struggling to handle the issue of locating potholes and fixing them.

But have you ever thought of AI discovering your potholes and generating instant reports for you with pictures and exact locations of potholes? Yes, you read it correctly, AI can do the Job for you. Before we go deep into the “HOW” of it, let’s have a look at some picture below to get a perspective about the havoc created by potholes in different cities of USA.

Kansas City reports 8000 potholes Kansas City reports 8000 potholes
Source: Source:
Northern highland community facing sever pothole issues Northern highland community facing sever pothole issues
St. Cloud having a tough time with Potholes St. Cloud having a tough time with Potholes
Source: BNN Source: BNN

The weather is harsh on the roads also and the road maintenance division struggle to locate and fill the potholes. It is hard for the authorities to know the whereabout of all the potholes. According to an AAA report the damage caused by potholes cost drivers a staggering $26.5 billion in 2021 alone with an average price tag of US$600 per repair. This is a huge cost burnt by Americans and it drills a hole in their household savings.

Budget constraint, extreme weather and lack of technology all have an impact on roads and the collective expression comes out in the form of potholes. The longer the delay in fixing a pothole, the more the cost increases and here comes the role of Dareesoft’s RiaaS.

Dareesoft’s RiaaS or Road Hazard Information as a Service, is a cutting-edge modern-day AI based technology which automatically detects potholes and generate instant report for its customers. It uses a dashcam called ARA (AI Road Analyzer) which is a plug and play device and can be simply installed in any enclosed vehicle like Cars, trucks, garbage collecting vehicles etc.

As the vehicle moves, the ARA device detects Potholes and transmits the information in real time to the monitoring dashboards of the cities with picture, location, and size of potholes. The information can be viewed from anywhere in the world and prompt data-based decisions can be taken to fix the potholes with confidence. RiaaS can also grade the threat level of potholes and the city can prioritize the repairing task based on the seriousness of potholes in any region.

Workforces can be assigned based on the analytics report provided by Dareesoft through its monitoring dashboard. 

Before being delivered to the dashboard the data passes through the cloud where it undergoes a secondary analysis and data cleansing, faces of commuters and number plates of vehicles are blurred to fulfill the privacy and GDPR compliance requirements.

Seoul City, the capital of South Korea is an advance smart city and recently it was ranked no. 1 smart city in terms of application and implementation of artificial intelligence-based data to the public policy field. Seoul City using more than 300 ARA devices of Dareesoft’s RiaaS is a testimony to Dareesoft’s quality and efficiency. Dareesoft has totally automated the pothole management of the Seoul City by automatically detecting potholes, generating instant reports and consolidating the segmented data. This has revolutionized the way road maintenance was done until that of now. Seoul city is now able to locate its potholes faster and take quicker decisions.

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