News June 23, 2023

Dareesoft wins contract to deliver Seoul's video-based automatic pothole detection project

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Dareesoft Inc. (co-CEO Man-sik Jeong and Row Elizabeth Kim), a company specializing in AI-based road hazard information services, announced that it has won contract for Video-based Automatic Pothole Detection and Analysis Service Project with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government's pothole detection and analysis service project is a new road safety solution to respond to more than 30,000 potholes and prevent the accidents caused by the potholes every year. It is characterized by linking Dareesoft's pothole detection method to the existing C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Through this contract, Dareesoft decided to provide artificial intelligence-based RiaaS (Road Hazard Information as a Service) to the Seoul Metropolitan Government for the next three years. By the end of May, the company has completed installing 300 public transportation vehicles in Seoul to launch the service.

Dareesoft's AI road analyzer device automatically operates without any special operation and detects road risk factors such as potholes in real time through data communication and high-precision RTK GNSS, providing accurate location information. In particular, it can detect and notify hazards in 2.69 seconds, which will aid Seoul Metropolitan Government's approaches to managing hazards and improving safety. 

"It is an innovative opportunity for road management to detect road hazard information such as potholes in real time based on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and big data," said Seoul official in charge of road management.

Jeong Man-sik, CEO of Dareesoft, said, "We consider this business development meaningful, and we will strive to support stable services until the completion of the project. We expect to grow into a road safety service that covers all of South Korea, starting with the Seoul.

Meanwhile, Dareesoft is already providing artificial intelligence-based road hazard information services to major cities in Korea (Gimcheon-si, Gwangju-si, Hwaseong-si, etc.), and plans to launch global services soon through POC in the United States, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. The company was recently selected as a baby unicorn 200 company by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in recognition of its technology and marketability.

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