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Dareesoft Participates in Smart Cities India Expo and Discusses Business Opportunity with Mumbai’s Department of Transport

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Dareesoft (Co-CEOs Mandella Jeong,Elizabeth Row), an AI-based roadhazard information service company, participated in 8th Smart Cities India Expo held in New Delhi for three days from March 27 to 29. Driving, Smart City, etc.

Smart Cities India Expo is India’s largest technology and infrastructure exhibition, marking its eighth anniversary this year with the goal of building digital and smart India. The exhibition was divided into various fields such as urban infrastructure, disaster safety, autonomous driving, automotive, and semiconductors, with more than 30 countries and 100 start-ups from around the world participating. The exhibition, which began with the opening speech of India’s Minister of Road and Transport Nitin Gadkari, included conference and awards ceremony.

Dareesoft’s booth at Smart Cities India Expo
Dareesoft’s booth at Smart Cities India Expo

At the exhibition, Dareesoft introduced its flagship service, RiaaS(Road hazard information as a Service). RiaaS is an AI road analyzing device mounted on a vehicle that detects road hazards such as potholes, road cracks, and other obstacles on the road. RiaaS then transmits the information to users such as road maintenance personnel in real-time.

A number of government agencies such as the National Highway Authority of India(NHAI), Kolkata City Transportation Ministry, and municipal governments of Uttar Pradesh, Bengaluru, Morabadad and Saharanpur showed interest in RiaaS. IT service providers and road maintenance solution companies such as Dahua Technology and 9YT visited Dareesoft’s booth as well.

In particular, Dareesoft held detailed discussions with TATA Communications and Nissan on business partnerships. Dareesoft also discussed ways to enter the Indian market and receive support for exports with Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, KOTRA. On March 31st, Dareesoft met Ministry of Transportation in Mumbai to discuss highway projects, along with companies specializing in automobile solutions and public works projects.

Visitors learning about RiaaS at Dareesoft’s booth
Visitors learning about RiaaS at Dareesoft’s booth

India is the world’s second-largest country in population, with its urban population soaring at an annual average of 2.4%. By 2030, 42%

of India’s total population is expected to be concentrated in cities, but urban infrastructure is insufficient and underdeveloped. Indian government announced its plans to invest $1.5 trillion in transportation and road infrastructure by 2025, and has successfully launched more than 60 $10 billion worth of road projects. Accordingly, Dareesoft plans to contribute to systematic and smart road management and digitalization through RiaaS.

“As India has the second largest road network in the world, but struggles with road safety, with more than 3,000 traffic accidents and 2,000 deaths caused by potholes, we thought that RiaaS will be a crucial solution,” said Elizabeth Row, CEO of Dareesoft. “We gained confidence in entering the Indian market, as RiaaS received a lot of attention during the exhibit.”

Dareesoft, established in January 2020, commercialized the world’s first AI-based road hazard information service. Currently, 70% of its 34 executives and employees are R&D personnel, growing it into a global leading company in the industry. At the end of last year, Dareesoft attracted 5.5 billion KRW in Series A investment. Dareesoft will accelerate its global expansion this year, including the establishment of a U.S. corporation.

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